B.E Champion Suprême d'Eté


Breed: Deutsches Reitpony - Rheinland
Heigh: 145 cm
Color: Palomino
Age: 12 y/o
Licensings: RHLD - WESTF - PFS

Father: FS Champion de Luxe
FS Cocky Dundee
Golden Fleur

Mother: Power Lady
Power Boy

As for his rider:
"Champion is an incredible talented and serious pony. Besides having real good gaits,
he understands fast and is very generous. A true horse in a body of pony. He's a genius! "

BE Champion Suprême d’Eté is a beautiful pony born in 2004 in Germany at ZG Krüßmann, and sold when he was foal to the Wilbers family, owners of the very famous Ferienhof Stücker stud.

Champion has a really good conformation with strength and chic. His head is small and very expressive and he has a long and well directed neckline. He also has a good, strong and flexible back and good legs. His gaits are expressives, flying, ample and energic with a great pace.
He has a quiet and sociable temper. He has some energy, but is wise in the work. He also presents a noble gesture at free jumping, frank, fast, respectful.
It is a kind, easy, intelligent and voluntary pony.

> Performances

In 2004, he won the silver medal at Aachen. He past the aprovement when he was 2 years old in two stud-books: Rheinland et Westfalia, being nominated as PrämienHengst. He has competed in France on the 4 and 5 years old dressage pony tour, often winning with good marks (76,4% was his best score).

In 2011, he was second of the two tests at the Amateur 2 level Regional Criterium. Then he won the two tests of L'Isle Adam competition (Amateur 2 level).
At the french dressage breedings final in Saumur, he obtained the Stallions Label Plus Dressage.

In 2016, he took the 6th place of the Pro1GP atJardy and he started Grand Prix levelb !

> Ancestry

Champion has a really good pedigree. His father Champion de Luxe is on of the most famous stallion in Germany and the whole Europa, because of his impressionant results:winner of the aprovement at Aachen in 2000, winner of the german championship in 2001 eand 2002 in Warrendorf, great winner in dressage and eventing in 2003 et 2004, he is one of the best perman ponies. In 2005, 3 of his sons are champion of aprovement and 2 are reserve-champions.Every year, his production make people be surprised by its performances. He is very used as a stallion in Germany, in which country his production is so good as he is.
Champion de Luxe's mother is out of Golden Dancer x Power Boy, Golden Dancer being one of the best dressage ponies of the last years. He won several gold medals at the European Championships, individually and with the German team.

His mother Power Lady is out of Power Boy. This stallions has a great progeny as the FEI class Power and Paint and FS Pavarotti. We can see his name in the pedigree of so many performing german ponies. He is considered as a great father of European dressage pony breeding.
Power Lady's mother is a little daughter of Valentino, another great father.
Power Lady is the mother of two aprouved stallions: B.E Champion Suprême d'Eté and his full brother Top Champi, sold to the famous stables owed by Josef Völle. He won the preliminary test at the 3 years old german championship. A third son was refused at the aprovement  because of his small size.
Power Lady's
daughters are or will be reproducing.

> Breeding notes

About his first years covering we can be sure that Champion gives beauty, expression, a good neck, a good back and good gaits to his foals, that can be dun, palomino or cremello and have big white socks.  He also brings a gorgeous personnality ! He can be adressed to every kind of mares.

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